Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know if 3 Sol is a fit for our company?


After an initial meeting to discuss your needs, we will perform a full analysis of your network and systems.  This includes documentation of current systems that is yours to keep as well as recommended actions for improvements if any are needed.  We will then be able to fully understand your needs and be the IT team you need at the touch of your speed dial.

How can you assist us with a move to the cloud?


If you are ready to move to the cloud, we can assist.  We will meet with you to discuss your options, whether it be to AWS, Azure or Office 365.  We will "right-size" the cloud for you and help you understand the advantages and pricing.

Do you do VOIP systems and Internet analysis?


We sure do!  We will analyze your bills and get you up to date with the newest and most cost effective systems to save you a ton of money and increase productivity.