left quotesBeen using 3 Sōl for years – It is with great pleasure I have a chance to recommend the services of 3 Sōl Technology Consulting, Inc. I have worked with them for several years now as they have kept our organization functioning. So far we have yet to encounter a problem they have not been able to solve. They have assisted with the software applications and reprogramming of our computers., They have hard wired our servers to the master to form a solid network. I am not sure we would still be in business without 3 Sōl’s help. They are very talented.

Marvin Myers


Georgia Vietnam Veterans Alliance


left quotesAlways There – 3 Sōl has been taking care of our IT needs including hardware upgrades, changing systems and custom fitting our industry requirements for several years. They have responded to every request in a timely manner . We have been in business for over 50 years and have experienced several IT companies who do not stay up with our needs or increase their prices to a point that makes it impossible to afford. 3 Sōl and their service oriented business have always been fair with prices and very interested in taking care of our needs. I would highly recommend 3Sōl for any IT needs you may have.

Steve Osborne


Tuxedo Glass & Mirror Company

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For close to a decade Innovia Films, Inc. has relied on the expertise of 3 Sōl for local support of our Atlanta office. During this period they have been responsible for hardware installations and support of our existing infrastructure. Without exception the service has been exemplary. 3 Sōl clearly have expert knowledge of networks, servers and office environments. They have demonstrated commitment, loyalty and the confidence to tackle any challenge that we have asked of them. I would absolutely recommend their services to any organization requiring IT support.

Matt Warren

Innovia Films, Inc