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This month’s blog is going to be short and sweet. Mainly because it is on a subject I keep skirting around; sales. I have mentioned the importance of sales over and over again and always seem to find a way to avoid taking responsibility for it. Well, this time there are no more options. Our […]

Atlanta Employees Just Kinda Content

Do you wake up each morning so darn happy to go to work? Atlanta is just “meh” on a new survey of overall worker contentment. Glassdoor, an online jobs and career site, polled employees in the 50 largest U.S. metro areas about overall job happiness, as well as satisfaction in areas including compensation and benefits, senior […]

Procrastination and Customer Value

Today I would like to talk about procrastination and customer value. Lately the issue of procrastination has been affecting our business. As some of you have noticed we did not post anything last month. I would like to say that we had some grand reason or explanation as to why we did not post anything […]

Why Everyone Loves Summer Camp

Many of you have probably read about Camp Grounded, a gadget-free adult summer camp put on by Digital Detox a few weeks ago in Northern California (if you haven’t, see coverage here and here). Some of you may have even attended. It was a detox from all things bad for you: over-connectedness, alcohol, drugs and meat. As the […]

New Startups Prime Targets for Cyberattacks

Startups take note: Cybercriminals are onto you. Cyberattackers can sniff out new businesses to target as quickly as two months after they come into existence, according to a new report from cybersecurity firm Symantec. By the time a startup is five months old, it has already been targeted by hundreds of spam messages and malware. […]

Cyber Crime

Top 5 Small Business Tech Problems

With everything that small business owners have to worry about, from meeting rising customer expectations to managing limited resource, developing and maintaining the most effective technology practices tends to fall to the back burner.  In order to help small businesses improve in the technological arena, this article discusses specific problems and how to solve them.