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My Idiot Boss

Do you ever feel like you have more work to do then time to do it in? I am sure you have had a time in the last week or month in which your boss gave you more than you could possibly finish in a normal amount of time. What do you do? Work more […]

Back to Sales

This month’s blog is going to be short and sweet. Mainly because it is on a subject I keep skirting around; sales. I have mentioned the importance of sales over and over again and always seem to find a way to avoid taking responsibility for it. Well, this time there are no more options. Our […]

Procrastination and Customer Value

Today I would like to talk about procrastination and customer value. Lately the issue of procrastination has been affecting our business. As some of you have noticed we did not post anything last month. I would like to say that we had some grand reason or explanation as to why we did not post anything […]

Sales are Important

In my first blog, I mentioned I would write about the subjects of Direct Mail and Cold Calling. In my second blog I thoroughly discussed time, that is, not having enough of it and trying to manage it. I also mentioned the prospect of employees. Today I am going to write about both topics, or […]