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3 essential techniques to protect your online privacy

Two-factor authentication, encrypted remote storage, virtual private networks: These are your weapons in the fight for Internet security The Web is a wild place, with more than the NSA potentially out to get you. With the so-called six strikes antipiracy initiative in full effect, you never know if Hollywood is monitoring your peer-to-peer activity. Then there are the malicious […]

My Idiot Boss

Do you ever feel like you have more work to do then time to do it in? I am sure you have had a time in the last week or month in which your boss gave you more than you could possibly finish in a normal amount of time. What do you do? Work more […]

What Small Businesses Need to Do for Obamacare Before Oct. 1

The health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act will open on Oct. 1. Most small employers—those with 50 or fewer full-time employees—are not required to offer health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Even businesses with more than 50 full-time employees have gotten a one-year reprieve from penalties if they don’t offer […]


Time Management Tips Every SMB Owner Should Follow

Every business owner struggles with the same issue: How to make the most of that finite resource known as time. Everyone has 1,440 minutes at their disposal every day. In reality, we don’t manage time, but rather manage what we do during the time available. Always Delegate Whether you’re an established SMB or just starting a […]

8 Modest Proposals For Reducing Email

If we really want to cut down the volume of email in our inboxes, we need to be saved from ourselves. I agree with InformationWeek‘s Jonathan Feldman: The email onslaught is as fierce as ever and we have only ourselves to blame. I’m just not sure willpower is going to cut it as a solution, for the same […]

8 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change the Way We Work

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) may sound like the futuristic wave of talking refrigerators and self-starting cars, but Internet-connected devices that communicate with one another will affect our lives outside the “smart home” as well. For workers,  IoT will change the way we work by saving time and resources and opening new opportunities for growth […]

Back to Sales

This month’s blog is going to be short and sweet. Mainly because it is on a subject I keep skirting around; sales. I have mentioned the importance of sales over and over again and always seem to find a way to avoid taking responsibility for it. Well, this time there are no more options. Our […]

Procrastination and Customer Value

Today I would like to talk about procrastination and customer value. Lately the issue of procrastination has been affecting our business. As some of you have noticed we did not post anything last month. I would like to say that we had some grand reason or explanation as to why we did not post anything […]

Why Everyone Loves Summer Camp

Many of you have probably read about Camp Grounded, a gadget-free adult summer camp put on by Digital Detox a few weeks ago in Northern California (if you haven’t, see coverage here and here). Some of you may have even attended. It was a detox from all things bad for you: over-connectedness, alcohol, drugs and meat. As the […]